Dreaming of being a Travel Expert? Lavish Escape may have the perfect opportunity for you. We are always looking for motivated sub-contractors to join our team. As a sub-contractor, work from the privacy of your home, attend virtual or live training seminars, get the tools you need to start selling today!

Don't have experience in the travel industry? We are here to help. All of our agents always have their dedicated Sales Manager to assist them with unusual situations and to help answer any questions, either by phone or e-mail. We Want You To Sell and We’re Here to Help.

Our professional support staff is second to none. We take care of all the invoicing, paperwork, accounting, etc., all in the name of making you more profitable selling travel. With us, you will do business faster, do more deals, and you will do higher volume. You get knowledge and personal back-up. YOU are on a TEAM!

Start-up costs, including forms, technology, memberships, and accreditations, could be thousands of dollars. Just the time to learn and develop the contacts would take you many months. We have everything you need so that you can start selling and making money from day one.

Please send us your informaiton along with your resume and 3 referrals. We will be in contact with you soon!


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