What to ask when selecting an All-Inclusive Resort

Travel Agency Nebraska  We all work hard for our money and going on vacation is an expense. We have put together a great list of items to get the most out of your All-Inclusive Resort.

While many resorts have similar concepts and designs, differences tend to sneak up on you that may not be communicated during the process of working with a travel agent. And the bigger the resort, the harder it may be to snag a staff member to chat with, especially with substantial lines at the front desk. That’s why your travel agent should be aware of what is truly included and what is not. Here are just a few things to ask before the start of your vacation.

1. What is the tipping policy?
While this may not seem like it is a big deal, who wants to carry cash around all day? Not to mention it can get very expensive, tipping for every drink, every meal, maid services and transportation. Most Americans who know the all-inclusive drill will bring a wad of one-dollar bills to tip. Some all-inclusives automatically add a 10 percent (or more) service charge with the rate. At some resorts, tipping is prohibited, except for butlers, spa services and transportation.

2. Are water sports and day trips included?
Most all-inclusive resorts will include non-motorized water sports (kayaking, paddleboarding, and snorkeling). Some still charge a fee or require strict time limits to an hour per day, or worse, per week. The more upscale property is, the more activities are included. Ask your travel agent what is included, from day trips to water sports. Those interested in scuba diving can find the perfect resort that includes this and take PADI learn to dive courses.

3. Room service and mini-bar it included?
It's worth asking. Many rooms have free bottled water and soda. Some even offer full minibar access with beer, liquor and snacks & coffeemakers. Don't get stuck with that nasty fee at the end of your stay for for a soda that is free at the beach bar.

4. Are all resturants included and are there dress codes?
At most all-inclusive resorts, all resturants are included. But at some, they are not. Don't get to the resort, look at the fabulous menus and find out that the resturant is not included. Dress codes are also important. We don't want you to get turned down becuase of shoes or shorts. Your travel agent should be aware of all dress code's for each resturant, what is acceptable and what is not!

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